Zika Virus – A Great Threat to Golf In Olympics

Olympics Golf

In many of the previously written articles, it was discussed about including golf in the upcoming Rio Olympics. But since there were oppositions and denials from the player`s side, this has been put on hold and is under a serious debate. But what could be the reason for this refusal? Olympics are such a big event and every player from every field is striving hard to place their foot in the Olympic grounds. Then why is it that the golfers are backing up from this proposal and that an invitation after a 112 years of close from the game? let`s take a look at what these golfers have to tell the Olympic committee.

When asked Rory McIlroy, one of the popular names in the game, he said that the main reason for his withdrawal from the proposal is the threat of the Zika virus, which is a mosquito borne disease. According to him it is prestigious to represent his country in the Olympics through his game and bring laurels by adding a gold medal to the already expanding list but more than all this he is very much concerned and worried about his personal life. He says that he wants to see his family happy and when there is a slight percentage of doubt about the outbreak of the disease, he does not want to take a chance.

He is the latest to have withdrawn from the invitation and just before him were Vijay Singh from Fiji and Australia's Marc Leishman, who have also rejected the Olympic offers for the same reasons. Though there is a report from the World Health Organization authorizing the low risk levels of the Zika virus, some of the players are very much concerned about their personal health and life and hence want to stay away from this. Of course they are denying a very reputable offer but with good and safe health they can always take up other distinguished tournaments.

Golfers And Their Golf Equipments

Golfers generally stick to their sticks for the game for a considerably long time and there are some players who fix a sentiment to some of their clubs and feel that those are their lucky charms. This has come true in many cases and such clubs are used for some of the prestigious and challenging plays. There are now many companies who are promoting Golf clubs, balls and kits to encourage players thereby attaching a famous name to their brand. It is one way a great marketing skill and by attaching an icon to their product through their necessities will enhance their value among the common man.

Recently Charl Schwartz, the masters champ, signed a deal with PXG for their clubs. So far he was using the Nike gears and equipments and is now going to use the PXG clubs heads for the forthcoming play in Royal Troons.

Golf Equipments and their descriptions

There are many equipments and tools used in the play of golf and the most common ones are the golf clubs, the golf balls and the ball markers. Let`s do a detail study about each of these and some of other non-listed items too.

Golf Balls – these golf balls have a very long history and have taken many forms before reaching the shape and form of the present day golf balls. The first golf balls in the olden days were made of hardwood which slowly, in the 15th century, became a ball of leather stuffed with feathers. These were slightly higher cost wise and were commonly known as featheries. Be it any material, the golf ball has to be of a specific diameter of 42.67mm and a mass of 45.93g. There are no restrictions on the material from which these balls are made but they have to be of the specified and standard dimensions. These balls generally come in a pack of four and depending upon the material the price varies.

Golf clubs – a player is allowed to enter the golf ground with close to 14 clubs in his golf bag and these are generally made of wood, iron and putters. Each of these materials attaches a special function to them. The wood clubs are generally used for long rough shots while the iron ones are for particular precise shots. A new variety in this club heads is the hybrid that comes with straight hit characteristics of iron and easy to hit feature of the woods. This is a good combination and can be used for both long and nearby shots. Putters are mainly used for green fields where the shots need to be strong and sturdy without pulling out too much soil from the ground. The other two, wood and iron, might be too hard to be used in such green patches. It is the club that determines the height, distance and power of the shot and it is through this the golfer experiences his win. His focus and concentration has to be very sharp while hitting the ball and he has to correctly pocket the ball in the holes.

A golf field generally consists of 9 to 18 holes and the ones that are in the distance of first few yards are easy to be pocketed but as the distance increase, it becomes difficult for the player to target them. Whether it is a long or short shot, everything is decided with the power of the player and the golf club.

Ball markers – these ball markers are very important in the game to differentiate the balls and shots of one player from the other. In a green field there are possibilities that the balls are removed to be cleaned or if it falls in the opponent player`s line. In such cases there are chances for exchange and the ball`s positions need to be marked. To avoid this confusion and to correctly replace them in their position, ball markers are used to differentiate the ball of one player from the other.

These are some of the common golf equipments found in a golfer`s tool kit (https://www.thegolfshoponline.co.uk/footjoy/). Apart from this, they might also use tees, towels, golf carts, club head covers and ball marker repair tools.